Open Cocker, October 19th

Held at Belchamp Walter by kind permission of Mr N Pluck
Judges: P Avery and G Meehan

1st – MALLOWDALE QUAD.  4257DE.  Mr I Openshaw’s dog by Kingcott Robson ex Mallowdale Urika.  Breeder – Owner.      Handler – W Openshaw
2nd – BOGGWATER CHIPSTIX OF CHEQUERSMATE.  4249DF.  Mr B Chequer’s dog born 9.2.216 by Moelfamau Griffon ex Beggarbush Iris of Peppercrest.  Breeder – Mrs J Chequer and  Mr K John.  Handler – Owner
4th – ZAMYENDER YARROW.  AT02498002.  J Ward’s bitch born 14.7.16 by Rowston Spikey Aderyngi ex Lowflyer Nougat of Cheweky.  Breeder – Mr R Chapple.  Handler – Owner

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