Open Cocker Stake, December 10th, 2019

Held at Letheringsett by kind permission of Mr & Mrs R Carter.

Judges – R Chapple and S Lewis

1st Wolferton Drama. Her Majesty The Queens bitch born 24.7.17 by F T CH Endowood Cork ex F T CH Mallowdale Diamond. Breeder – Owner. Handler – I Openshaw

2nd Timsgarry Alpine. J Robertson’s dog born 2.6.11 by Timsgarry Simpson ex Fernmoss Moonshine. Breeder – S Tyers. Handler – Owner

3rd Centrewalk Painted Lady of Braebeate. Mrs Kennard’s bitch born 21.6.16 by F T CH Bishwell Barcud ex F T CH Centrewalk Piccolo. Breeder – R Preest. Handler – Owner

4th Windwithe Backgammon. Mr M Deacon’s bitch born 1.2.15 by F T CH Rowston Spiey Aderyng ex F T CH Voodoo Blackgammon. Breeder – Mr O Phillips. Handler – Owner

Novice Cocker Stake, November 25th, 2019

Held at Birch Estate, by kind permission of Mrs Cottrell

Judges – B Wade, J Luxford, M Emery, B Kennard

1st Perija September Song. Mr Robertson’s dog born 24.9.17 by Crowdyslack Slinky of Costapakit ex Pinfold Ridge. Breeder – L De Challans. Handler – Owner

2nd Peanut Toffee. Mr M Rivetts bitch born 12.8.17 by Poolgreen Bob of Greensox ex Orange Cosmos. Breeder/Handler – Owner

3rd Windwithe Backgammon. Mr M Deacon’s bitch born 1.2.15 by F T CH Rowston Spiey Aderyng ex F T CH Voodoo Black Widow. Breeder – Mr O Phillips. Handler – Owner

4th Rookhurst Caramel. K Burns’ bitch born 27.7.15 by Breckmarsh Blake ex Tiptopjack Prosecco. Breeder – Owner. Handler – C Burns

C of M Romanriver Remus. Mr A Waterhouse’s dog born 6.7.18 by Samsirs Union Jack ex F T CH Spirited Dawn Mystic. Breeder/Handler – Owner

Open AV except Cocker Stake, November 13th, 2019

Held at Houghton Hall by kind permission of The Marquis of Chelmondeley

Judges – I Openshaw, S Sadler

1st Kansas Kate. S Higgins’ ESS bitch born 27.6.14 by Helmsway Heath ex Rosebay Folly. Breeder – Mr Calver. Handler – Owner

2nd Shiveck Time Twiddler. Miss T Siwek’s ESS bitch born 4.5.17 by F T CH Wyndhill Brett of Stagsden ex F T CH Surefly Sassy. Breeder/Handler – Owner

3rd Mr P Avery’s Von Persie

4th Wrenmarsh Temptation. M Watsons ESS bitch born 29.7.13 by F T CH Clangregor Albammach of Biteabout ex Biteabout Beth. Breeder/Handler – Owner

C of M S Lewis’ Rakerfield Honour, Mr & Mrs Mackender’s Sliabh Lola of Crispico,
Mr P Avery’s Gemraer Don Hades of Deepfleet, Mr R Clark’s Deepfleet Depello